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AU59: Unsigned review – Furlo

October 12, 2009



It’s not easy to write about a band when there is so little new or individual about them, but for once that isn’t a major failing. Furlo’s latest EP will remind you of a million other bands – mostly English, successful and none-too-leftfield. However, such is the quality of the songwriting, playing and, most noticeably, the punchy, clear production, it doesn’t matter too much. Jonny Everett has a hint of wide-eyed desperation (and an ersatz English accent) that’s redolent of (gulp) The Kooks’ Luke Pritchard, but whereas that band’s songwriting is so often trite and clichéd, Furlo manage – for the most part – to keep things powerful, fresh and occasionally affecting. It’s no surprise that they’ve graced the main stage at Glasgowbury. In a year or two, it could easily be V or Glastonbury.



AU59: Unsigned review – Gacys Threads

October 12, 2009



Fixtures on the Belfast metal circuit, Gacys Threads offer a decent indicator as to their live power on this debut EP. The title is fine shorthand for what to expect, as this is a band not given to delicacy, nor to addressing anything but the most primal human emotions – guilt, sorrow, hate, anger. That said, the lyrics booklet – though a help in deciphering the Cookie Monster vocals – doesn’t do much to pin down exactly what these songs are about, as the band have a tendency to communicate in slogans. But maybe the lyrical content isn’t the point. Fans of Converge, Norma Jean and even Enter Shikari will feel at home thanks to the throat-shredding vocals and serrated riffage, while the title track even starts off like early Metallica before descending into all-out mayhem. Meanwhile, closer ‘Nothing Sacred’ is probably the pick, boasting the only clean vocals on the release and an impressive understanding of elegiac restraint as it builds tension before the inevitable meltdown. A cautious endorsement, then, for fans of metalcore and related genres.


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