In praise of My Pilot (plus, download their Fall cover)

October 31, 2010

I’ll be upfront here – this is a plug for my friend’s band. There’s your declaration of interest. But that’s not the only reason – I do have a sense of quality control and there is quality aplenty to be had from My Pilot. They are a band from Dublin centred around AU scribe Neill Dougan, and the Spiders EP is their first release.

The band’s sound is rooted in the kind of bruised American songwriting that Neill is passionate about – Sparklehorse, Elliott Smith, Mark Kozelek – but, like Beck, his interest in hip-hop, electronic music and, well, popular music in general, means there is a richness and an adventure to the arrangements.

Check out the EP below, but hear this: if you email contactmypilot@gmail.com to order a CD copy for €5, you will also get Lung Wurm Back Rays, a bonus disc of covers of tracks by Neil Young, Nina Simone, Liars, The Fall and more.

The song choices are great, as are the renditions – especially the version of ‘Just Step S’Ways’ by The Fall (from their Hex Enduction Hour album). In it, Neill and co. do what any good cover should do – take a song, pull it apart and put it back together again with their own stamp indelibly attached. It’s ingenious, beautifully played and sung and emotionally affecting. Yes, really.

Lung Wurm Back Rays track list:

1. My Heart – Neil Young (from Sleeps With Angels)
2. Nobody’s Fault But Mine – Nina Simone (from Nina Simone And Piano)
3. What It Takes – Aerosmith (from Pump)
4. The Other Side Of Mt Heart Attack – Liars (from Drum’s Not Dead)
5. Please Mr Postman – The Marvelettes (from Forever: The Complete Motown Albums Volume One)
6. Just Step S’Ways – The Fall (from Hex Enduction Hour)
7. Sea Of Love – Phil Phillips (from Sea Of Love)

Download: My Pilot – Just Step S’Ways

And here’s the original:

Finally, here is the full EP to do with as you wish:

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