The Cast Of Cheers (free musics!)

February 17, 2010

Web 2.0, I wub you I rilly rilly do. Through the nattering on Twitter of various in-the-know type people down in Dublin, I heard of the existence of a band called The Cast Of Cheers (good name? bad name? dunno) and that they had made their debut album available for free on their Bandcamp page. Then more nattering on Twitter and Fastfude indicated that it was in fact The Shit, and I’m now getting round to giving it a listen (I’ve become a wee bit obsessed with the new Field Music album of late, y’see).

You know what? Those people are all right. Turns out the band have signed a management deal with Richter Collective, which is a tie-up that makes sense, as their mathy post-punk shares several characteristics with the likes of Adebisi Shank, BATS and Enemies. Think of them as a harder-hitting, more raw Foals and you’re close. Personally, I can’t wait to see them live. April 7 at the Skinny Love club, Auntie Annie’s, Belfast. They have several Dublin dates coming up too. Awesome.

Download or stream below, but be quick about it, because the free offer is apparently for a limited time only.

And by the way, how great is Bandcamp?!



  1. Don’t ye think they really are just Adebisi crossed with Foals! And ye can only saw Foals cuz they’re singing! Adebisi influence is HUGE. No denying they’re crackin’ songs really really well written and produced but is it more than its parts(influences)?..*

  2. All I know is that this is my favourite pop album I’ve heard in ages.

    And that people will like this more than Adebisi, simply because of the really, really infectious vocals. Actually reminds me more of a souped up Rapture cause of the vocals and heavy disco beat…

    I love Adebisi, but they haven’t the potential to be as heyuge as these guys purely on the lack of vocals, and I can see TCOC managing to pull off playing really large gigs that Adebisi would seem a bit weird at.

    I can’t wait to see them in April.

  3. Good points all, Ron. Better hold fire until we see the live show mind you! Adebisi, as good as their recorded material is, built their reputation on their live show and word of mouth. TCOC have a hell of a job to get anywhere near that, or BATS for that matter (granted, fewer similarities there).

    ‘Pop album’ is stretching things a bit though, don’t you think? There are hooks, but it’s hardly Two Door.

  4. I have a pretty loose definition of ‘Pop’ – if it makes me want to dance and has vocal hooks you could hang a shark on, it qualifies.

    I’ve never actually HEARD Two Door. I know, I know…

    Let’s just say most of the bands I like feature men in their 30s with beards, and there aren’t THAT many of them in Belfast. Two Door may have a beard or two, but I’m not buying it until at least one of them has a child, mortgage or 3-year wedding anniversary.

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