AU is back – and FREE!

February 17, 2010

Our usual New Year hiatus was extended a little bit this year for a couple of reasons. First up, our highly esteemed editor Francis Jones (he ain’t heavy, and contrary to popular misconception he ain’t my brother, but he is a massive legend) left for pastures new, leaving a huge gap. Jonny [Tiernan, publisher and Editor-in-Chief] has taken over editorial duties while I’m now Assistant Editor.

Secondly, we had decided on a couple of changes as regards the mag’s distribution model. Though the finished magazine would not be materially different, it would be available for free, and we resolved to vastly increase our distribution network throughout the whole of Ireland. That means that you won’t find AU in newsagents any more, but you will in libraries (120 in Northern Ireland), coffee shops, record shops, clothes shops and so on. Therefore we gave ourselves a couple of weeks’ leeway, and the magazine is just coming out this week, rather than at the start of February. If you’d noticed, well done. We hope you don’t mind. Personally, I’m delighted with it, but then I always say that. Hopefully if you pick it up you’ll agree.

So this month our cover stars are Bangor’s Two Door Cinema Club, who the aforementioned Fra shared a coffee with when they were in town last month. I interviewed Ira Wolf Tuton from Yeasayer, Cooly G, Jack Hamill aka Space Dimension Controller and reviewed Belfast4Haiti, ASIWYFA‘s new EP, and albums by These New Puritans and Yeasayer. There’s a few other bits and bobs by me as well. A full run-down of what’s in there can be found here.

And (sorry if this is lame) you can subscribe for £12/€15 by emailing info@iheartau.com with your name and address. Kim will sort you out. Subscribers’ mags went out tonight, the rest will be sent out to stockists over the next week or so. Also, you can use that same email address if you have any suggestions for stockists.




  1. Not lame at all. Very looking forward to apprenhending this.

  2. […] click here for more details on the new issue and the recent changes to the mag. Happily, several stockists have […]

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