AU61: Strait Laces unsigned review

January 4, 2010

This ties in the the In The Studio piece that you can find here.


This debut single from the spiky Coleraine trio is a little bit back to front. Lead track ‘Seconds Out’ is a breathless two-and-a-half minute romp, never settling on an idea for very long and slightly infuriating because of it. Dave Hanna’s caterwauling vocals bear comparison to Niall Kennedy of contemporaries – and clear influences – Panama Kings, but the yelping energy is all a bit much to handle. Surprisingly enough, Uber Glitterati’s electro-pop remix fares better, slowing things down (with the added benefit of pitching down Hanna’s voice) and crafting a slick, coherent pop song where once there was wide-eyed chaos. Better still, though, is the third track, which can count itself unlucky to be tacked on at the end. ‘Romantic Issues’ is a stylish, confident tune that owes much to the Arctic Monkeys, turning on a dime from the lithe, cocksure verse to a turbocharged chorus. Great stuff; it’s just a shame it wasn’t given more prominence.



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  1. I dig them!

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