AU61: No Age live review

January 4, 2010

(Pic via Karl McDonald’s Those Geese Were Stupified)


No Age’s Saturday night gig at Crawdaddy was postponed due to Ryanair being their usual belligerent selves (or Dean Spunt not knowing the rules on hand luggage; you choose) so here we are at an all-ages venue on Sunday afternoon instead, primed for some daylight scuzz. It’s a weird atmosphere all round – everyone is sober, the venue is bright and clean and you get the sense some people have fit the gig in around their Sunday shopping. But though a band as raw as No Age would doubtless benefit from grimier surroundings, they do their best to engage the crowd, Spunt riffing on Ryanair’s inadequacies (always a popular theme) and beckoning the reticent crowd towards the stage. And they play fucking loud, so loud in fact that at one point the Gardai show up, before being reassured that everything is above board.

Opening with Nouns (and career) highlight ‘Teen Creeps’, drummer/vocalist Spunt and guitarist Randy Randall rip through tracks from both albums and the new EP Losing Feeling, with ‘You’re A Target’s soaring fuzz-punk an early winner. No doubt relieved to be playing in Dublin at all, the pair extol the virtues of The Exchange, surely drawing parallels with their beloved The Smell back home in LA. Spunt isn’t the greatest drummer in the world (nor the greatest singer, for that matter), but his enthusiasm is infectious, and you find yourself amusedly watching his facial expressions as he attacks his ride cymbal with barely disguised glee, particularly during the scorching ‘Sleeper Hold’. This won’t have been the best show of No Age’s European tour (nor the best of the day – they played a hastily arranged show at the Academy 2 later that night), but it sure beats traipsing around H&M on a rainy Sunday afternoon.


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