AU60: Mount Kimbie breaking act piece

November 17, 2009

Great to be able to write about these guys – one of the best new acts I’ve heard this year. Their Maybes EP is genuinely stunning. Seek it out.


MEMBER: Dom Maker, Kai Campos
FORMATION: London, 2008.
FOR FANS OF: Flying Lotus, Burial, Hudson Mohawke.
CHECK OUT: Maybes and Sketch On Glass EPs, out now on Hotflush.
WEBLINK: www.myspace.com/mountkimbie

You’ll be hearing a lot more from these two young Londoners. As Mount Kimbie, they emerged from nowhere at the start of the year with one of the finest electronic releases of late, debut EP Maybes. And then in the summer, they followed it up with a noticeably different follow-up in Sketch On Glass. Four tracks on each and not the merest hint of a dud. But why so good? Well, despite the handy little For Fans Of line up there, they really don’t sound like anyone else. Maybes, especially, is a revelation. Heart-stoppingly beautiful, it touches on dubstep, hip-hop and electronica but winds up inhabiting a space all of its own, where found sounds mingle with rich basslines and skittering beats, all overlaid with haunting, near-impercptible vocals and submerged underwater. It’s quite extraordinary. Sketch On Glass changes things up with bright synths, harder hitting grooves and instant gratification, but we must evangelise no further, and rather insist that you proceed forthwith to your favourite download retailer and buy both. Right now.


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