NME: BATS live review

October 16, 2009

This ran in NME last week – the issue with Kurt Cobain on the front, though granted that doesn’t narrow it down all that much! He’s probably been on there 10 times more since he died than when he was alive. Anyway, here’s the review…

BATS live
Photo from a different gig taken by Nay McArdle (I think) and nicked from the band’s MySpace.


“BATS will destroy you!” they roar on opener ‘Death To Kent Hovind’, skewering the US creationist of the title with a short, sharp shock of bug-eyed righteousness. Then comes bespectacled Rupert Morris’ sneering pay-off: “The facts will destroy you.” The five Dubliners are science geeks and deliver explosive treatises on physics, genetics and superstition. Dry? Not a bit – it’s all declaimed over thrashy dance-punk, Converge-style hardcore and enough cowbell to keep Christopher Walken happy for months. Dance? Headbang? Do both and hope your spine stays aligned.


One comment

  1. Well spotted, tis indeed my pic 🙂 Sweet little review, bug-eyed indeed!

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