AU59: Unsigned review – Furlo

October 12, 2009



It’s not easy to write about a band when there is so little new or individual about them, but for once that isn’t a major failing. Furlo’s latest EP will remind you of a million other bands – mostly English, successful and none-too-leftfield. However, such is the quality of the songwriting, playing and, most noticeably, the punchy, clear production, it doesn’t matter too much. Jonny Everett has a hint of wide-eyed desperation (and an ersatz English accent) that’s redolent of (gulp) The Kooks’ Luke Pritchard, but whereas that band’s songwriting is so often trite and clichéd, Furlo manage – for the most part – to keep things powerful, fresh and occasionally affecting. It’s no surprise that they’ve graced the main stage at Glasgowbury. In a year or two, it could easily be V or Glastonbury.



One comment

  1. Given that Jonny is from England and speaks with quite an English twang I don’t think its fair to describe his accent as an “ersatz” one.

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