AU59: Liquid Vega breaking act piece

October 12, 2009

As with so many of my recent favourites, I found out about Liquid Vega thanks to the ever-fantastic FACT Magazine. The band were available for an email interview, so that’s where the quotes come from. Looking forward to some proper releases from these guys. (PS: now you see where my header image comes from. :-))

Liquid Vega 1


MEMBERS: Vincent Gomes (music/vocals), Genevieve Duprie (vocals/music)
FORMATION: Paris, 2008.
FOR FANS OF: Glass Candy, The xx, The Cure.
CHECK OUT: Tracks streaming at the band’s Myspace page.
WEBSITE: www.myspace.com/liquidvega

Liquid Vega are the very definition of enigmatic. An unsigned duo who claim to be “from London via various other places” and who met at a party in Paris, they are still to release a note of music through official channels and yet they are already the subject of a raft of glowing articles in some well-respected organs, online and in print. And here we are, joining in. But believe us when we say that we would leave well alone if we weren’t completely smitten with their delicate yet darkly erotic sound, a blend of Disintegration-era Cure’s dramatic sweep and the sinister glamour of the excellent Italians Do It Better label – Chromatics, Glass Candy, Desire. Vincent and Genevieve call it “ghost disco”, and we honestly couldn’t put it better ourselves.

“We mean a certain kind of music that is of the night, that’s almost translucent, where you’re not sure what exists through what you’ve heard,” they explain. It’s hard to pin down what exactly is so intoxicating about this band, but more than the songwriting, the atmosphere is key – teardrops on the dancefloor, a slow dance in the moonlight, the sweet ache of longing. “To have that elusive something is crucial, we think. But there is a longing in the music that results from our relationship. We’d be lost without it.” The precise nature of that relationship is ambiguous – they say that they initially “got talking over spilt wine, records and kisses in the night,” and they claim that they are mainly inspired by “each other,” but this isn’t the kind of band where you need or want all the biographical details. Maybe it’s best if they remain unknowable, floating in the ether, haunting our dreams.


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