AU58: The Chapman Family breaking act piece

July 1, 2009

The Chapman Family


MEMBERS: Kingsley Chapman (vocals), Paul Chapman (guitar), Phil Chapman (drums ), Pop Chapman (bass).
FORMATION: Stockton-on-Tees, 2006.
FOR FANS OF: Joy Division, Future Of The Left, The Horrors.
CHECK OUT: The single ‘Kids’, out now.
WEBSITE: www.myspace.com/thechapmanfamily

The Chapman Family are sending out mixed messages. On the one hand, they are all mean and moody – enigmatic like an Anton Corbijn photo and full of monochrome intensity in the MTV2-dominating video for the single ‘Kids’. On the other hand, though, they are unstoppable motormouths. Add them on Myspace, follow them on Twitter, and you will be bombarded with the feverish rantings of a band that has a lot to say about a lot – the BNP, X Factor, playing to disinterested La Roux fans… Frontman Kingsley Chapman (assumed surnames are the order of the day here) comes across like Teesside’s answer to Future Of The Left raconteur Andy Falkous.

Musically, too, there are parallels to be drawn, as the aforementioned ‘Kids’ is a white-hot blast of pissed-off post-punk. “They say it’s alright but I just don’t think so,” spits Kingsley in his proudly unvarnished accent, like The Futureheads (who are from up the road in Sunderland, we know) with a Steve Albini-shaped rocket up their collective arse. Further recorded material is thin on the ground, but their live shows are apparently prone to chaos, while the live B-side ‘A Million Dollars’ is brooding, malevolent and brilliantly nasty. Somehow, they are still unsigned, but expect that to change pretty soon.


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